"All Hub" system - the future for the development of Vega LTC series thermostats and additional radio sensors

All Hub

    The ALL-HUB consists of a main control controller (in a thermostat housing for underfloor heating control, so it does not require special installation skills) capable of connecting to Wi-Fi networks, and child thermostats / sensors.

The controller is able to create its own network in All Hub mode and connect up to 32 devices in short communication sessions.

In the absence of available networks, devices can be controlled using a mobile application via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

   The solution consists of several components: a unique hardware solution - a controller with a current sensor that looks no different from a floor heating thermostat, passive thermostats with wireless Ble communication modules and a developed software solution - an Internet control system for reliable data storage and analysis.

      Also, no special training is required to install and use the system, and the software, if there is a connection to the Internet, allows you to remotely configure the entire system with the help of a service employee, which is important for construction teams and installers at the stage of delivery of installation work to the end user and the operational period .

      An active power flow sensor has also been developed, which can be installed inside thermostats for storing and analyzing data on electricity consumption as well as the operability of the operated system in real time (which is extremely important for maintenance and warranty).

     The solution reduces the costs of installation and assembly organizations, as well as reduces the risk of failure of individual elements of the system, allowing faster decision-making in relation to emergency situations.

    At the moment, more than 80% of the technological chains necessary for the production of a new product have already been mastered and are supplied in the form of more limited solutions (3 models (9 modifications) of thermostats for underfloor heating), so the risks associated with production are minimal. The experience of many startups shows that most new companies, even with a good business model for a product, face insurmountable difficulties at the production stage.

     The system can be easily scalable, which increases its potential and expands the scope of use. HVAC statistics for new smart thermostats show a steady growth rate of 17-25% per year depending on the markets. In this regard, the commercialization of the system for the EU market becomes a justified step towards expanding the boundaries of the use of this new product.

      And the possibility of OEM service and custom design solutions, for wholesale and regional partners to produce and supply products under an individual brand in individual color packaging and branding of a mobile application - which makes it attractive to wholesale deliveries of these products to certain regions and abroad.