"All Hub" WiFi  thermostats

     Three models of All Hub WiFi thermostats LTC030, LTC070, LTC090 are introduced with support for All Hub technology and communication via WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication channels

     Competitive advantages compared to existing WiFi thermostats on the market:

 - competitive price of solutions for dealer networks (high retail marginality);

  - unique and sought-after multi-design Different Face in different colors and compatibility with popular electrical accessories;

   - the presence of an additional channel Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), for interaction with additional BLE thermostats and wireless sensors.

 - the presence of a BLE communication channel allows you to work locally in conditions of complete lack of access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which is especially important at the stage of installation and repair work at the facility, as well as system performance in the absence of the Internet.

   This approach has no analogues among competitors' products at an affordable price. Also, thanks to this, the capabilities and efficiency of the devices used are significantly expanded both as regular modern thermostats and at the same time as a universal controller for the “smart home” system with the further possibility of connecting wireless sensors such as motion sensor, air temperature and window opening.

 - The ability to remotely update the software is now embedded in the "All Hub" core, and when new sensors and functionality enter the market, it can be easily updated to the latest versions.

 - Basically (especially by Asian vendors) only two Android app / Ios App solutions are suggested. The All Hub (WiFi) user interface is implemented immediately for 3 platforms using a cross-platform approach: WEB / Android app / Ios App, which allows you to quickly update all three platforms at once.

       This case, in terms of its overall functionality, design uniqueness and pricing policy, is very attractive both for the end user and for dealers and installers in the electric heating / home goods and comfort market, it raises the energy efficiency level of thermostats to ERP 4 - ERP 6 when interacting with additional wireless sensors and weather services






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