"BLE"  Bluetooth thermostats


      Three models of BLE thermostats LTC030, LTC070, LTC090 are presented with support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and the ability to control locally directly via the Android / Ios mobile application, as well as remotely via the Internet, by interacting through the central AllHub WiFi device / thermostat. 

Competitive advantages in comparison with the budget lines of thermostats on the market (the closest real alternative to replacing conventional thermostats):

       - competitive price of solutions, both purchase and retail, which is almost the same as the basic thermostats on the market, but with modern key functional features such as control via a mobile application and the ability to interact with the central All Hub controller/thermostat via a BLE communication channel; 

     - up to 4 additional wireless sensors can be connected to one BLE thermostat in the future, such as: motion sensor, air temperature sensor and window opening sensor;

   - unique and sought-after multi-design Different Face in different colors and compatibility with popular electrical accessories;

the presence of an additional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) channel for interaction with additional BLE thermostats and wireless sensors;

Also, the presence of a BLE communication channel allows you to work locally in conditions of complete lack of access to the Internet via WiFi, which is especially important at the stage of repair work at the facility and performance in the absence of the Internet.

   This approach has no analogues among competitors' products at an affordable price. This allows you to significantly increase the functionality and efficiency of not only the thermostat itself, but also to form in the future additional "smart" scenarios for controlling climate equipment and at the same time monitoring human movement inside the facility.

    - The ability to remotely update the software is now embedded in the "All Hub" core, and when

launch of new sensors and functionality, can be easily upgraded

to the latest version.

     This case, in terms of its overall functionality, design uniqueness and pricing policy, is very attractive both for the end user and for dealers and installers, it replaces conventional budget thermostats and raises the energy efficiency level of thermostats to ERP 4 - ERP 6 when interacting with additional wireless sensors and weather services






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