IOT TRADE  is actively involved in the implementation of a wide range of products and the creation of modern solutions that are offered to consumers, including those under the trademark "VEGA smart solutions".

   Applying new methods and approaches to solving production problems, the company's engineers bring our products to perfection, and each client will be able to appreciate the results of our work.


      In our activities, we have achieved significant results in the following areas:


1. Development and industrial design of modern devices and technological solutions in the field of energy efficiency and comfort, using modern production processes and technologies in the field of electronics, as well as integrating solutions with current trends in Internet technologies.

2. Creation and implementation of the concept of a separate product from the moment of setting the task to the stage of delivery of the finished solution to retail chains.

3. Marketing and implementation of solutions both under its own trademark "VEGA smart solutions" and with the joint use of partner solutions.

4. Programs for installations and services, both of our own production solutions and related products of partners.

5. Development and implementation of contract supply of products within the framework of OEM as one of the stages of expanding the partner program.

6. The possibility of custom design solutions for wholesale and regional partners to produce and supply products under an individual brand in individual color packaging - which makes it attractive to wholesale deliveries of these products to certain regions and abroad.


Key employees and partners of the company have many years of experience in the implementation of contract projects related to production and related processes, which makes it possible to launch a product under its own brand name "VEGA smart solutions" on the market.


                We are pleased to present you the first product line under this brand:



  VEGA smart heating solutions is a new generation of thermostats for

floor heating systems - LTC Value Line series .






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