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SMS, VIBER/Telegram +380 96 981 01 86



How our service department works

If you have any problems related to the use of our products, please contact us via the feedback form or on Viber/Telegram (+38096 981 01 86) so that our consultant can help you find a quick solution.  


        What to do if the device you bought does not turn on or does not work properly:


    1. Write about the problem through the feedback form, and our specialist will contact you during business hours.

    2. If you do not have access to the Internet or you do not like this method, you can call the hotline for direct                    communication with a consultant.

    3. In cases where, acting on the recommendations of a hotline consultant, you have not achieved the expected              result, you will need to send the non-working device for diagnostics to a service center.

    4. You will need to specify a mobile phone number for communication and transfer the device for diagnostics                 through the nearest Nova Poshta branch (indicating the recipient of IOT TRADE LLC (0969810186) Nova                 Poshta branch, Kyiv No. 30).

    5. You do not need to go anywhere or stand in queues, just hand over the non-working device through the postal          delivery service, and we will pay for the shipment ourselves.

    6. After the diagnostics, we will notify you of the cause of the malfunction (if such a reason took place) and                    establish  the presence or absence of a warranty case.

     7. In any case, you will receive a new replacement device, however, if the cause of the malfunction of the                       previous  one  is not covered by the warranty case, you may have to pay a part of the cost and shipping costs.

     8. External damage, ingress of dust liquids and foreign objects into the case, as well as other cases when the                device is   out of order due to the fault of the buyer (user) are not covered under warranty cases.


                                      We are happy to help you with any questions related to our products!